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You need a complete new web site or just some tweaks to the old one?
Don’t know what to do or how it should be?
Ask me and I will gladly help you.

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Who am I and what I can do for you?

From simple, beautiful presentation websites to complex web application and web stores, I can do all. Or maybe you are looking just for an advice. Why not? I am here to help you.

Who I am?

I am a Web Developer and I love to do what I know the best. Web development.
As a virtual assistant, as a programmer, as a helpdesk and as a friend, I always do my best.

What I do?

Online application, websites, emails, databases, forms, e-shops, hosting, social media, debugging, twisting, moving and upgrading websites.
I create web sites, some time for free, other time for large amounts of money but always for a fair price.

Why I do IT?

Because I love those who make this world to move and I am so glad when I can help people to pursue their dreams.
That is the moment when I feel I am truly useful.Using my skills to help an idea to get identity is the best feeling in the world.

How I do IT?

Well, I can not do IT every time for free because I got to eat also but the opportunity arise when I see a good social business or idea and there is the need. Other times, I do IT for a fair price, giving and asking for feedback all the time.

Technologies that I use

Don't waste your time, use my experience instead

Planing Consultancy

Don't waste your energy use my experience instead.
Planing upfront will save your time and energy. Plan to save your time


Don't waste your time, choosing without proper knoledge. Use my experience instead. A safe environment, well mantained to host your web site.
You need space for all your emails and a safety check from time to time.
Don't waste your time with all off this.

Web Sites

Web Sites, there is no such thing as a simple web site. All web sites required maximum of attention and ton's of technical knowledge.

Please, don't get distracted by all technical details, use my experience instead

Web Applications

Marketing or social applications! All require extensive knowledge. Learning new things is fun but please, don't waste your time, use my experience instead.

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